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Provincia Iudaea is a supplementary reader for beginning and intermediate Latin students. It includes three stories set in first-century Judaea. The stories explain the confrontation between Romans and Jews. The first story unfolds through the eyes of the main character, a young Jewish girl named Eliana. After the destruction of the Second Temple, Eliana and her mother escape to Masada. Many years later, another character, Naomi, completes the narrative about the final struggle between Romans and Jews during the Bar Kochba Revolt. The book concludes with Hadrian's proclamations. Illustrations abound in this textbook, giving students an anchor for understanding the narrative. Vocabulary is provided on facing pages so that students can read without the burden of looking up words. The stories are engaging, informative, and thought-provoking. These stories will arouse students' interest in History and can lead to class discussions about customs, religion, language, and life. The stories are written in Latin and include some Hebrew and Greek, thus reflecting multi-cultural first-century Judaea. $ 40

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